What We Do

Decoding Threats

Many organizations have invested resources keeping their IT infrastructure, OT (operational technology) and applications free from vulnerabilities. And yet the number of cyberattacks and data breaches continue to escalate year after year. Your enterprise needs protection – and this cannot be achieved with traditional security tactics.

A robust cybersecurity strategy forms the foundation of sustainable growth and meaningful innovation. At CYFIRMA, we believe, to stay ahead of adversaries, enterprises must reframe the definition of threat intelligence and consume intelligence in new ways that keep the enemy at bay.

Our Platform


Our Platform

DeCYFIR is a cloud-based threat discovery and cyber-intelligence platform. We see threats before you do because we go to the Hackers’ trenches, discover, analyze, correlate, and find the deepest insights from noisy data

  • Discover threats from the hackers’ trenches or it becomes risk to you
  • Decode signals from noise to find the deepest insights
  • Apply threat intelligence so that business can take action on unknown risks and change cyber operations from proactive to predictive, beating hackers in their own game

Value We Deliver

We decode threats, uncover impending attacks, and help mobilize resources to avert breaches, cybercrimes and nation-state activities. And we do this the CYFIRMA way.

Our Clients

Our global clients span across multiple industries ranging from high-tech manufacturing, automotive, financial services, F&B, broadcasting, retail and others to consumer goods. Our clients represent the pinnacle of their domains and trust us to deliver on quality cyber-intelligence which they can rely on to the keep their organization’s security posture strong and reputation safe.

Our Partners

“Timely threat reports help prevent incidents before they happen.”

Security And Risk Management Lead,
Services Industry

“Easy to use, and the analytical power is amazing!”

Chief Specialist,
Manufacturing Industry

“Cyber intelligence collected and analyzed by CYFIRMA is really valuable and unique.”

IT Manager,
Services Industry

“CYFIRMA is a vender who provides tailored and customized intelligence for specific organization.”

Services Industry

“Great analytics power, and even greater external threat visibility.”

Security Consultant,
Manufacturing Industry

“To stay ahead, we must ensure our security posture is solid and defensible. CYFIRMA’s intelligence reports provide valuable recommendations which we can quickly take actions and protect our assets.”

Head of Infrastructure,
Manufacturing MNC

“We never take cybersecurity for granted. The guys at CYFIRMA are our extended arm. The threat reports have been absolutely necessary to keep our corporation safe from hackers and cyber-criminals.”

Risk and Governance Lead,
Automotive MNC

“The team at CYFIRMA is by far the most talented cybersecurity experts I’ve worked with. Their analysts’ insights are spot on, supported by strong evidence and thorough research.”

SOC Manager,
Electronics and Hi-Tec MNC

How DeCYFIR Works

01. Data Collection

Knowing where to look and collecting relevant data is key to unlocking actionable insights.

  • Millions of data sources
  • Automated agents
  • 100 GB of Data Per Day

02. Data Analysis

Understand who are the threat actors, their motives, campaigns, and methods. Predict when a cyber-attack is likely to occur.

  • Sieve out relevant information from data collected
  • Apply correlation, attribution and association using AI/ML
  • Actively seek indicators of threats, beyond IoC
  • Run probability models to predict the likelihood of a cyber-attack
  • Industry, technology, environmental, geographical lenses
  • Cyber-Intelligence is relevant
  • Prioritized to ensure resources are optimized

03. Data Dissemination

Reveal actionable insights in your data to chart and prioritize your remediation actions.

Multi-layered intelligence that is quickly comprehensible and facilitates swift decision-making
  • Understand Hackers and their motivation
  • Understand Hackers’ interest and attack readiness
  • Methods, techniques and tools of attack
  • Farthest and deepest threat indicators
  • Apply cyber-intelligence across the organization
  • As opposed to proactive


With the platform, dashboards and reports, you will receive early warning of impending threats, access real-time insights and take the appropriate actions to build a strong cybersecurity posture.

  • Dashboards
  • Threat Discovery Platform
  • Threat view for security operation teams to understand underlying risks
  • Real-time view of threat landscape
  • Risk Dossier
  • 24-hours Report View
  • Risk view for management team to get glimpse of risk profile
  • Early Warnings of impending threats
  • Tailored recommendations

Our Awards

CYFIRMA is proud to be recognized by some of the most important and influential publications and organizations around the world
Top 100 Cybersecurity Startups by Cyber Defense Magazine


Recognized in Gartner Market Guide for Security Threat Intelligence


Best Practices Award - APAC Cyber-Intelligence Technology Innovation Leadership Award


Forbes Award


ICE 71 Scale Program


Cybersecurity Startup of the Year

APAC, Japan, Singapore

Recognized as part of Cyber Security TechVision Opportunity Engine