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Swimlane and DeCYFIR Integration

Published On : 2024-02-27
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Swimlane and DeCYFIR Integration

DeCYFIR threat intelligence models empower businesses to make informed decisions on threats and prioritize remediation activities. DeCYFIR helps organizations uncover potential attack surfaces, deliver vulnerability and brand intelligence, monitor for digital risk, provide situational awareness and cyber-intelligence, all at scale, and at the speed of AI.

Swimlane Turbine is a AI-enabled, low-code security automation platform that combines human and machine intelligence to unify any workflow, telemetry source and team. It is approachable enough for those with no coding experience and sophisticated enough to satisfy the world’s most demanding security operations. With Turbine, security teams can now respond to possible threats in real-time without the risk of human mistake.

The integration of DeCYFIR Threat Intelligence with the Swimlane Turbine low-code security automation platform enhances the capability of security teams to be alerted and proactively monitor, identify, assess, and respond to cyber threats.

Download this joint solution brief to learn how DeCYFIR enriches Swimlane orchestration platform to make threat detection and remediation more effective than ever.

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