7 Threat Views On A Single Pane Of Glass

Seven pillars of threat views include attack surface discovery, vulnerability intelligence, brand intelligence, digital risk discovery and protection, situational awareness, third party risk and cyber-intelligence


Predict cyber-attacks targeting your organization and subsidiaries before cybercriminals can cause harm to your business. Early warnings and alerts help you prioritize risk and be well prepared to fend off attacks


Data points and insights are tailored to match the technology you are using, the industry you are operating in, and your geolocation. Remove noise and reduce false positives to ensure the high-impact alerts are actioned upon


Complete contextual details of the external threat including adversary details, TTPs, the path of attack, malicious hosting site, affiliated cybercrime campaign, and much more


Strategic, management and tactical intelligence are provided on the platform allowing both business and technology leaders to gain insights into their external threat landscape and risk posture


Detailed insights into your external threat landscape including intel on the cybercriminals interested in you, their motive and intent, when can they attack and how are they going to attack

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Businesses can turn the tide against cybercriminals with quality cyber-intelligence to give them the view through the adversary’s lens and take remedial actions to stop an attacker in his/her track.

7 Threat Views

Unified Platform

Navigating the fog of cyberwar and delivering intelligence around emerging threats should not only be restricted to government organizations. Enterprises should also have access to military-grade intelligence, tuned to meet their commercial needs. Meet DeCYFIR – predictive and actionable intelligence for companies to stay ahead of adversarial forces.

Attack Surface Discovery

Real-time continuous monitoring to identify shadow IT or porous systems which can be accessed by cybercriminals.

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Case Studies

Case studies from some of our customers who have chosen DeCYFIR's intelligence-led approach to build a more secure enterprise


Industry Challenges and How We Solve Them

Predictive And Non-intrusive Solution Rather Than Expensive & Reactive Silo Offerings


DeCYFIR is the industry’ first External Threat landscape management platform that delivers predictive, personalized and contextualized cyber intelligence enriched with attack surface and digital risk insights


The DeCYFIR platform informs defenders of impending cyberattacks at the stage of reconnaissance and weaponization before the adversary has started exploitation


With the Alert App, clients gain the time advantage to take swift actions to close security gaps before cyber adversaries can cause damage


Clients can customize the notifications of the Alert App to support their risk posture management objectives

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