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6 Threat Views On A Single Pane Of Glass

Six pillars of threat views include attack surface discovery, vulnerability intelligence, brand intelligence, digital risk discovery and protection, situational awareness and cyber-intelligence

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Predict cyber-attacks targeting your organization and subsidiaries before cybercriminals can cause harm to your business. Early warnings and alerts help you prioritize risk and be well prepared to fend off attacks

Personalized cyber security

Data points and insights are tailored to match the technology you are using, the industry you are operating in, and your geolocation. Remove noise and reduce false positives to ensure the high-impact alerts are actioned upon

Contexual cybersecurity

Complete contextual details of the external threat including adversary details, TTPs, the path of attack, malicious hosting site, affiliated cybercrime campaign, and much more

Multi-Layered cybersecurity

Strategic, management and tactical intelligence are provided on the platform allowing both business and technology leaders to gain insights into their external threat landscape and risk posture

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Detailed insights into your external threat landscape including intel on the cybercriminals interested in you, their motive and intent, when can they attack and how are they going to attack

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Gain the upper hand against your cyber adversaries

Businesses can turn the tide against cybercriminals with quality cyber-intelligence to give them the view through the adversary’s lens and take remedial actions to stop an attacker in his/her track.


Industry Challenges and How We Solve Them

Predictive And Non-intrusive Solution Rather Than Expensive & Reactive Silo Offerings

Cybersecurity Challenges
Cybersecurity Challenges Faced By Government & Private Organizations ​
  • No visibility on the external cyber-threat landscape​
  • Limited knowledge of redundant & forgotten shadow IT resources​
  • Uptrend in cyber-crimes with no contextual details on the type of attacks​
  • Nascent understanding of the emerging digital and brand risks​
  • Complex and time-consuming cybersecurity systems configuration​
Traditional cybersecurity
Traditional IT Offerings Not Able To Address Varied Needs of Users
  • Inward-looking security offerings, which fail to understand the external threats ​
  • Cyber threats varies substantially by geographies, geopolitical conditions and industry​
  • Event-focused security controls provide limited view of the threat landscape
  • Security gaps are identified only after a breach has occurred. Reactive approach is not effective
  • Massive tech spends on silo offerings not able to completely avoid the losses​
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CYFIRMA Platform Provides An​ End-to-end Solution​
  • Cloud native, non-intrusive SaaS platform with no implementation requirements ​
  • Provides predictive outside-in attackers’ view on the external threat landscape ​
  • Personalized & contextual intelligence based on geographical, geopolitical and industrial factors relevant to client ​
  • Real-time attack surface discovery, visibility into organization’ digital footprint​
  • Provides multi-layered intelligence: Strategic, Management & Tactical​


The End of Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence - the arcane term used to describe threat information - is no longer serving the purpose of giving defenders the insights needed to safeguard crown jewels. What's needed in the hyper-connected world is effective external threat landscape management. By combining cyber-intelligence with attack surface discovery and digital risk protection, CYFIRMA delivers predictive, personalized, contextual, outside-in, and multi-layered insights to help defenders prepare against impending attacks.

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Attack Surface Discovery

Real-time continuous monitoring to identify shadow IT or porous systems which can be accessed by cybercriminals​

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Vulnerability Intelligence

Vulnerabilities are mapped to assets and associated exploits and ranked based on criticality

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Digital Risk Protection

Unveil digital footprints and cases of impersonation to provide clarity on data leaks, breaches, and more across deep/dark/surface web and social media platforms

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Brand Intelligence​

Understand who, why and how your brand is being targeted, get complete view brand infringement

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Situational Awareness

Understand emerging threats, mitigations and potential attack scenarios

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Cyber Intelligence

Dissects a cyberattack campaign to answer WHO, WHY, WHAT, WHEN, HOW of a cyberattack campaign in making​

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Early Warning

Receive alerts on cyberattacks targeting you and know exactly the actions needed to avert a cyber event

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Third-Party Risk Monitoring

Provide customers with visibility of their third-party ecosystem e.g. suppliers, channels, partners

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