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Gain visibility into the external threat landscape by continuously monitoring for emerging threats, and harnessing predictive intelligence to proactively take actions to mitigate risks and avert an impending attack.

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Your business needs at be in peak performance 24x7. Do not let digital risks derail you. Take control of your cyber risk and thrive in the digital ecosystem. DeTCT is your essential digital risk discovery and protection platform working tirelessly to monitor hidden attack surfaces, vulnerable systems, leaked data, executive impersonation, brand infringement, and validating your patch and vulnerability processes so your cyber posture stays strong in the face of emerging threats.​

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Using a mobile device can be as vulnerable as wandering around defenceless in the virtual world. DeFNCE is your personal digital bodyguard. Get protected today.

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Great analytics prowess and excellent external threat insights. CYFIRMA could uncover exposures which we did not know previously

Security Operations Lead

Global Hi-tech Manufacturer

“Timely threat reports help prevent incidents before they happen.”

Security And Risk Management Lead,
Services Industry

“Easy to use, and the analytical power is amazing!”

Chief Specialist,
Manufacturing Industry

“Cyber intelligence collected and analyzed by CYFIRMA is really valuable and unique.”

IT Manager,
Services Industry

“CYFIRMA is a vender who provides tailored and customized intelligence for specific organization.”

Services Industry

“Great analytics power, and even greater external threat visibility.”

Security Consultant,
Manufacturing Industry

“To stay ahead, we must ensure our security posture is solid and defensible. CYFIRMA’s intelligence reports provide valuable recommendations which we can quickly take actions and protect our assets.”

Head of Infrastructure,
Manufacturing MNC

“We never take cybersecurity for granted. The guys at CYFIRMA are our extended arm. The threat reports have been absolutely necessary to keep our corporation safe from hackers and cyber-criminals.”

Risk and Governance Lead,
Automotive MNC

“The team at CYFIRMA is by far the most talented cybersecurity experts I’ve worked with. Their analysts’ insights are spot on, supported by strong evidence and thorough research.”

SOC Manager,
Electronics and Hi-Tec MNC

Awards & Recognitions

CYFIRMA is proud to be recognized by some of the most important and influential publications and organizations around the world.

Top 100 Cybersecurity Startups by Cyber Defense Magazine
Recognized in Gartner Market Guide for Security Threat Intelligence
Best Practices Award - APAC Cyber-Intelligence Technology Innovation Leadership Award
ICE 71 Scale Program
Recognized as part of Cyber Security TechVision Opportunity Engine
Winner of Best Cybersecurity Startup, Best Cyber Threat Intelligence Product, Cybersecurity Executive Of the Year
Global InfoSec Awards 2021 - Most Innovative in Cyber Threat Intelligence
Top 10 Baby Black Unicorn Awards by Cyber Defense Magazine
CYFIRMA Recognized for Intelligence-Led Cybersecurity by IDC

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