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DeFNCE is your trusted Cyber Defence tool for individuals and businesses


Do you know if cybercriminals are already lurking in your phone?

Using a mobile device can be as vulnerable as wandering around defenceless in the virtual world. DeFNCE is your personal digital bodyguard
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There are over 7 billion (and counting) email accounts throughout the world and 1 in 4 have already been hacked

Globally, 1 in 2 have downloaded a malicious app in 2020. Thousands of apps asked for more permission than necessary such as accessing your contact database. Emails and credentials leakage are used by cybercriminals for phishing campaigns and more. Do you know your risk?


Protect your device & digital footprint

Don't become a victim or cybercrime. Protect your device from hackers trying to steal your identity, passwords, and other sensitive data

Discover leaked personal data

Real time scans and solutions with just one touch. Your digital risk score will assess your current cyber risk

Stay informed. Stay secure

Discover any personal data breach that is in the dark web. Fact check your sources and get the latest cyber security news.

How It Works

DeFNCE is free and exists to protect you from cyber attacks.

There is no other app that does what DeFNCE does. Simply because we are committed to stopping cybercriminals and keeping your data safe.


“I love DeFNCE, it does what it says and I feel safer knowing my data is being protected.“

Candice Wu

"I've recommended DeFNCE to my family & friends. I'm even using it for to protect my small business."


"What I love is that I don't just scan my apps , I get real time information about my personal data leaks."



Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.


Is there a free trial available?

DeFNCE is free for single users. Go ahead and download. We have paid plans that cater for various business sizes. Reach out to [email protected] to learn more.


I already have a device scanning app on my phone. Why do I need DeFNCE?

Besides just scanning your device for malware and malicious apps, DeFNCE also checks your digital ID so you get a complete overview of your cyber risk.


Will you be collecting any of my personal and device data?

By providing us your email, you agree to receive some email communication for marketing and promotional purposes. However, rest assured we do not store any of your personal ID data or device information during your usage of DeFNCE.


I don’t understand my risk score? How is this determined?

Risk score is divided into four categories: Critical , High, Medium, and Low. Based on the score, you can make an informed decision to take the necessary steps to secure your device and data.


I thought this app is free to use? Why is there a paid plan?

DeFNCE is free to use for single users. We are continuously enhancing the app and introducing more features, and some of these features may require a subscription fee.


Still have questions?

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DeFNCE is your trusted Cyber Defence tool for individuals and businesses

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