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Why Threat Intelligence is Losing its Edge

CYFIRMA saw the need for defenders to think differently about threat intelligence, beyond generic data feeds that only add noise to telemetry systems. We understand you need to establish a deeper visibility across your entire digital footprint, so you can quickly identify, and address threats, moving from reactive to PROACTIVE.​​ ​

Meet the INDUSTRY’ FIRST EXTERNAL THREAT LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT (ETLM) platform that combines cyber intelligence with attack surface discovery, vulnerability intelligence, brand intelligence, situational awareness, and digital risk protection to give organizations a comprehensive view of their entire threat landscape. ​ ​

Guiding all key aspects of cybersecurity, IT, and non-IT domains, including risk management and people-related processes, our platform functions as the NEURO-CENTER for an organization’s cyber defense.

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Industry Challenges and How We Solve Them

Predictive And Non-intrusive Solution Rather Than Expensive & Reactive Silo Offerings

Cybersecurity Challenges Faced By Government & Private Organizations ​
  • No visibility on the external cyber-threat landscape​
  • Limited knowledge of redundant & forgotten shadow IT resources​
  • Uptrend in cyber-crimes with no contextual details on the type of attacks​
  • Nascent understanding of the emerging digital and brand risks​
  • Complex and time-consuming cybersecurity systems configuration​
Traditional IT Offerings Not Able To Address Varied Needs of Users
  • Inward-looking security offerings, which fail to understand the external threats ​
  • Cyber threats vary substantially by geographies, geopolitical conditions and industry​
  • Event-focused security controls provide limited view of the threat landscape
  • Security gaps are identified only after a breach has occurred. Reactive approach is not effective
  • Massive tech spends on silo offerings not able to completely avoid the losses​
CYFIRMA Platform Provides An​ End-to-end Solution​
  • Cloud native, non-intrusive SaaS platform with no implementation requirements ​
  • Provides predictive outside-in attackers’ view on the external threat landscape ​
  • Personalized & contextual intelligence based on geographical, geopolitical and industrial factors relevant to client ​
  • Real-time attack surface discovery, visibility into organization’ digital footprint​
  • Provides multi-layered intelligence: Strategic, Management & Tactical​

Meet Emerging Cyber Threats with Confidence

Developed for both business and technology leaders to support risk strategies

7 Threat Views

Unified Platform

Navigating the fog of cyberwar and delivering intelligence around emerging threats should not only be restricted to government organizations. Enterprises should also have access to military-grade intelligence, tuned to meet their commercial needs. Meet DeCYFIR – predictive and actionable intelligence for companies to stay ahead of adversarial forces.

Attack Surface Discovery

Real-time continuous monitoring to identify shadow IT or porous systems which can be accessed by cybercriminals.

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Get inside the mind of cyber adversaries and stay ahead of their every move


DeCYFIR™ cuts out the noise and provide personalized intelligence

  • AI and human-intelligence curate insights that match your industry, geography and technology.
  • Business and technology leaders make accurate decisions with situational awareness tailored for your organization.
  • Risk indicators and vulnerabilities are targeted, focused and relevant to your business.

DeCYFIR™ predicts cyberattacks by proactively identifying threats at the planning stage of campaigns

  • Understand shifting dynamics of state-affiliated threat actors and its impact to your business.
  • Gain threat visibility to avoid being blindsided by fast evolving attack methods and campaigns.
  • Take swift decisions with early warnings of impending threats.

Deep analysis to connect the dots between hacker, motive, campaign, and method.

  • Accelerate threat detection, investigation, and response.
  • Continuous monitoring of cybercriminal groups to ensure visibility of threats targeting your business.
  • Gain the upper hand against adversaries by understanding their modus operandi and recognizing signs of an impending attack.

Comprehensive strategic, management, and operational insights and remediations

  • Assess, explain, and quantify risk to senior management and other key stakeholders with strategic intelligence that answers the ‘who’ and ‘why’ of your adversaries.
  • Build processes to improve productivity, performance, and effectiveness with management intelligence.
  • Operational intelligence supports SOC teams with specific threat indicators and vulnerabilities.

See from the hacker’s lens

  • Understand why you make an attractive target.
  • Discover your attack surfaces as viewed from outside your environment.
  • Identify digital vulnerabilities from the perspective of your potential attackers.

Protect brand and reputation

  • Uncover your digital risk.
  • Be the first to know if your data has been leaked or breached.
  • Identify any impersonation and infringement across surface and dark webs as well as social media platforms.

Integrations Across Technology Stack

Automate security operations, stop zero-day threats, secure your cloud. Infuse external threat views into your systems and controls and turn passive telemetry into intelligent and actionable insights.

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