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Cyber Incident Analytics

An incident, in cybersecurity terms, is highly detrimental to an organization’s everyday operations. An unchecked incident can corrupt IT systems, disrupt business functions and other organizational business activities. CYFIRMA’s intelligence driven Cyber Incident Response (CIR) assessment identifies, analyses and rectifies probable incident causes to help avoid similar instances in the future.
A multi-step, cyber intelligence driven process, CYFIRMA’s CIR hinges on multiple parameters that affords you a greater range of analytical information.

We understand the need for quick, contextual intelligence that is highly customized to your organization’s setup. In light of the unique insights that we report to you, highly insightful IOCs to incoming cyberattacks, the potential hacker’s motivation and targets can be easily calculated by coordinating the harvested incident responses alongside our Cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform (CAP). This allows you to exert a more confident cybersecurity response and discourage future attacks.

Dissection of malicious files and emails
Using CYFIRMA’s proprietary sandbox environment, and powered by our industry-differentiated threat correlation, we analyse and reverse-engineer malicious emails and files to evoke comprehensive data pertaining to the causes and causal agents. Next, this information is correlated with the cyber intelligence analytics platform to identify threat actors orchestrating the campaign, their attack mechanisms and motives behind the attack.
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Email Assessment: Understanding the most common malicious tool
A complete analysis of the malicious email’s header helps identify the sender’s IP Traces through various “Hops” that pinpoint the email’s point of origin. Active links in the email serve to further enhance our understanding of the threat actors initiating the hack and their express agenda.
Process of Cyber Incident Analytics
Client submits malicious emails or files into Antuit’s designated safe folder
Dissects and reverse engineers malicious emails or file to identify main threat actors, their attack mechanisms and motive behind attack
Dissects malicious emails
  • Analyzes email header to identify sender IP
  • Traces through various “Hops” to find the email origination source
  • Analyses link in email and determines what is the motive of the link (Target site)
Reverse engineers malicious file
  • Runs file in secure sandbox environment
  • Determines what is the motive of malware and what data it is after
  • Analyses mechanism of data transfer to the source and identify IP of receiver
Correlate all identified malicious source IP, threat actors with cyber intelligence analytics platform
  • Identify all possible threat actors, mechanisms, malicious IPs, domains, SHA1, MD5 specific to industry
Cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform
Cyber Incident Management
Clients receive reports on malicious files / emails that are correlated with cyber threat intelligence platform
  • Background of incident, what was the motive and attack mechanism of threat actor
  • Tactical next steps to contain, resolve the malware infection
  • Additional recommendations to block all possible malicious IPs, domains, SHA1, MD5 from threat actor
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