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Published On : 2018-12-05
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Do you remember!! – CYFIRMA – Medium




Do you remember!! CYFIRMA has released its annual report and Cyber Threat and Risk Predictions for 2019. Here’s a snippet:-

“While 2018 was a year of financially motivated threat actors having a free run against individuals, organizations, institution and countries, we have noticed an increasing trend of state sponsors interested in arming threat actors to pursue defined geopolitical objectives. Cryptocurrency exchanges, healthcare companies, the energy sector, and traditional financial institutions were at the brunt of cyberattacks this year. What has been very interesting to witness is the shift in the hackers’ intention to use emerging technologies, increasing the difficulty to defend an expanding attack surface.”

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CYFIRMA’s PREDICTIVE, RELEVANT & PRIORITIZED Threat intelligence serve as a radar to detect malicious intentions before D-day by picking up conversations at the source- deep/dark web and other such platforms, thereby helping companies restructure their cybersecurity posture to correct vulnerabilities that will otherwise be exploited by persistent threat actors.

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