Understanding the Japanese Cyber Threat Landscape and Corresponding Defensive Strategies: Preview of CYFIRMA’s Keynote Lecture at Security Days 2019
Feb 25, 2019

As part of the ‘Security Days Spring 2019’, scheduled from 6th through 8th March 2019 at the JP Tower, Tokyo- a coming together of the global cybersecurity fraternity- CYFIRMA’s Chairman & CEO, Kumar Ritesh, will conduct a keynote lecture echoing the importance of Cyber threat intelligence based countermeasures that can be employed against hackers targeting organizations and institutions in Japan and across the world.

This lecture is slated to offer a high-level view of the cybersecurity trends in 2019. Registrations are open. To signup for the event and source additional details visit:

Attendees can expect a wealth of information, veritable insights into the workings of the modern day hacking machinery, as disclosed by one of the most prominent and reputed figures in the global cybersecurity landscape. As an entrée, herein is a sample of topics that will be explored:

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