setting icon Security Operations

With data breaches and hacks making headlines around the world on a daily basis, the role of the Security Operations team and the Security Operations Center (SOC) has become more indispensable than ever. This specialized unit tracks, identifies, investigates, and responds to cyber threats on a 24×7 basis.

DeCYFIR is the ideal ally, and an authoritative source of threat intelligence to your organization’s security operations outfit.

  • Provides details on ‘WHO’, ‘WHAT’, ‘WHEN’, ‘WHY’, and ‘HOW’ of an impending cyber-attack
  • Reliable, actionable and context-rich intelligence from DeCYFIR helps the SOC team to reduce the number of false positives and inefficiencies of sorting through invalid and low-priority alerts
  • Rapidly identify alerts associated with relevant threats to the organization
  • Automated analysis of attack evidence with attribution to potential hacker group, their motivation and objective of the attack
  • Helps secure the operating landscape with faster decision making
  • Actionable, timely, contextual, and customized insights help empower SOC teams avoid similar incidents in the future.
setting icon Security Management

At the helm, the Security Management team is responsible for crafting and implementing the policies and procedures to keep the organization’s assets- including its products and services, people, critical information, the overall infrastructure, and its brand value and reputation – safe from external as well as internal threats.

Security Management team relies on DeCYFIR to keep business up and running 24X7. The platform’s Risk View and Risk Dossier provide unparalleled insights for decision-making.

  • DeCYFIR’s platform provides Risk View and Risk Dossier so that Security Leaders can leverage these insights to enhance communication with the board and external stakeholders about the company’s threat and risk profile – and staying in sync with the evolving threat landscape.
  • Helps in clear evaluation and determination of the enterprise’s risk appetite and plan the corresponding initiatives.
  • Improve transparency in decision making around cybersecurity budget allocation.
  • Improves effectiveness and efficiency in compliance with applicable statutory, regulatory and other mandatory requirements.
setting icon Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Security leaders must be both strategic and tactical while bridging between business and IT. Equipped with technical expertise and leadership skills, the CISO understands his or her company’s operations and articulate security priorities from a business perspective.

DeCYFIR is a comprehensive decision toolkit consisting of Threat View, Risk View, Risk Dossier and trend analysis for the CISO to develop credibility and trust amongst senior leadership and board members. With DeCYFIR, the CISO will be able to attain the successes illustrated below.

  • Gathering insights into cyber threats and risks applicable to an organization, its industry and geography.
  • Offering reliable, strategic, actionable intelligence to help the CISO Identify and prioritize risks based on threat intelligence that’s relevant to the enterprise.
  • Enabling early identification and treatment of undesired cyber threats and risks, thereby reducing costly surprises.
  • Assessing the risks of new business initiatives with confidence.
  • Ensuring better strategic decisions on security budgets and staffing.
  • Responding effectively to incidents through a better understanding of threat actors, their tactics, techniques and procedures.
  • Helping him or her keep the top management aligned about risks, threats, security preparedness and responses.
  • Ensure security compliance, keeping all aspects of security controls up to date, manage all cyber risk.
setting icon Chief Risk Officer (CRO)

A CRO leads efforts to reduce business risks that can put an organization’s profitability and productivity at risk. Tasks with the identification and analysis of events that could threaten a company, the CRO will find DeCYFIR cyber-intelligence analytics platform with detailed Risk View and Risk Dossier analysis the perfect risk-mitigation solution.

  • Effectively manage risk register using real-time threat intelligence
  • Enabling early identification and mitigation of cyber threats & risks.
  • Helping to effectively monitor the organization’s cyber risk profile and reduce costly surprises.
  • Enabling effective inclusion of risk management in decision making using Strategic, Management and Tactical intelligence.
  • Establishing rigorous strategic planning using structured consideration of threats and associated risks.
  • Prompting the management to enhance communication with its Board and external stakeholders about the company’s threat and risk profile in line with the evolving threat landscape and plan corresponding cyber risk management initiatives.