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Weekly Security Update

CYFIRMA’s Weekly Security Updates (WSU), provides strategic intelligence inputs which serve as an immediate and medium-term outlook on evolving security situations and concerns from around the world. Recent events of significance are highlighted, and the logic behind certain cybersecurity developments are explained.
WSU allows our clients to be in the know- limiting themselves to this highly focused security news digest (with links to the concerned sources) while not getting lost in the bigger picture.

Case Study
Intelligence driven and differentiated critical examination of cybersecurity incidents that analyses the players involved, probable causes, the overall impact and proposed countermeasures detailing individual and industry wide upgrades. Case studies help the clients understand the severity of an incident without being an impacted entity.
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Analysis of the latest threat campaign
This component of the WSU conducts a thorough analysis of a threat event in progress, and its likely impact on the industry that the client is aligned with. Positioned as a critical and intelligence driven analysis, the report format includes such details as outlines, exploited vulnerabilities, mechanisms at play, related IOC, and of course, countermeasures to effectively deal with a probable impact.
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Best Practices
A comprehensive listing of best practices to maintain an optimal cybersecurity posture and avoid any attention from hackers that are drawn to vulnerabilities in your online infrastructure. Core topics such as cloud endpoint management, authentication authorization, and access control; to name a few; are given special emphasis, while security professionals are also educated about the best manoeuvres to deal with far-reaching changes in cybersecurity regulations, as was the case with GDPR.
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Technological Upgrades and Regulatory Changes
CYFIRMA helps you stay up-to-date on the latest technologies being leveraged for threat activities, as also the in-house technologies that are specifically targeted by hackers and need intervention. Additionally, regulatory changes- often seeped in complex detailing and conditional applicability- are analysed from an intelligence perspective for its possible impact on your business.
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