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Vulnerability Assessment

CYFIRMA’s Monthly Vulnerability Assessment offers you an easily accessible and comprehensive view of your organization’s security posture. Each month, our dedicated Cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform (CAP) performs vulnerability assessment of your IT infrastructure and outputs an inclusive report detailing currently susceptible assets and vulnerabilities that could be exploited later.
Organizations can also leverage these reports to compare their cybersecurity posture on a month-on-month basis against industry standards. Offering contextual, customized and comprehensive intelligence, the monthly vulnerability assessment helps you identify, quantify and prioritize the cyber threats coming your way.

Automated and Manual Assessment
This routine employs several assessment engines, 11 custom scripts, and 34 unique test cases, to evaluate vulnerabilities on the client’s website and application. This review is conducted once a month.
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Correlate Vulnerabilities with CAP
This exercise correlates vulnerability findings with CYFIRMA’s Cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform (CAP) to identify threat actors who are interested in exploiting listed vulnerabilities and attack mechanisms, as well as list availability of exploits to define risk rating of vulnerabilities.
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Report with Recommendations
CYFIRMA’s clients receive comprehensive reports on current vulnerabilities as discovered by the vulnerability analysis. Herein, the ‘indication of severity’ as deduced after correlating with the cyber threat intelligence on external landscape is also marked as a pivotal takeaway. Additionally, the recommendations touch upon the current state of the IT environment with specific risk rating and listing of immediate tactical actions that must be enforced to tackle the current vulnerabilities and potential exploits that may strike in the future.
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