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Daily Cyber Threat Intelligence

Today, cybersecurity threats range from amateur hackers employing for-sale malicious tools to state sponsored attacks on corporate cyber infrastructures. Early detection of these threat activities will avoid an organizational impact, while helping stakeholders identify vulnerabilities in their cybersecurity posture that could be exploited.

The key is timely, contextual and customized insights.

CYFIRMA offers you proactive cybersecurity updates in the form of intelligence on hacker groups, IOCs for specific industries, imminent security threats, latest vulnerability information on IT assets, and more, every day.

Daily cyber threat intelligence helps you stay ahead of the curve, and in complete control of the trouble that might be brewing on the horizon.

Understanding the nuances of the Cyber Threat Landscape
As a proponent of Cyber Threat Intelligence, CYFIRMA consistently maintains a bird’s eye view of the global cyber threat landscape. Employing robust and reliable sensors across the deep/dark web, obscure hacker forums, social media sites and other platforms that may attract malicious actors, CYFIRMA is bombarded with raw insights about the intent, prospective targets, and threat tools that are likely to be used by the cybercriminals. Customizing this information to suit your organization and industry, CYFIRMA helps to paint a reliable picture of the overall threat landscape, in line with your express requirements.
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Hacker Profile
An insight into the workings and profiles of hacker groups that are strongly interested in your business and/or industry. This intelligence deep dive includes information on the attack methods, profiling of the intended industries and victims, past attack history and an analysis of the latest threat activity. Also, CYFIRMA offers tactical recommendations pertaining to the individual hackers.
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Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)
CYFIRMA earmarks and reports the IOCs that serve as an intelligence identifier to a specific threat actor. IOCs help you be aware of the hacker’s modus operandi if the latter is used to repeating the same IOCs across attacks. IOCs include the IP address, hash value, domain, file name, etc. of the command & control center used by the hacker.
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Brand Monitoring
CYFIRMA identifies malicious websites that impersonate your publicly available corporate website. Our research helps identify the identify stealer’s domain name, registration information and IP address, to prevent the impersonation from damaging your brand’s market presence and reputation.
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Deep/Dark Web Observation
Leveraging our Cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform (CAP), CYFIRMA delivers highly detailed intelligence on threats, hackers, campaigns and the latest chatter; early in the game. We listen to hacker conversations on the Deep/Dark web and other such forums that detail target companies alongside the incubating, planning and execution of attacks. Next, clients are briefed about the impending attacks, the vulnerabilities that will likely be exploited and the identity of the participating hackers. CYFIRMA’s predictive detection capability takes the element of surprise away from these threat attacks.
In fact, by receiving industry, geography and organization specific keywords in advance, it is possible to detect conversations and information that point to prospective leaks of personal information, sales secrets, information on products (e.g. source code, design drawings, etc.).
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Prevailing Threats
Through our actionable, strategic, tactical and operational intelligence, we provide daily updates on persistent malwares, phishing attacks, exploit mechanisms, IOCs, etc. that may hold a particular interest for our clients. These updates ensure that you are apprised of the latest cybersecurity contingencies that could potentially impact your organization’s productivity and reputation.
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Data Leak Monitoring
CYFIRMA’s unparalleled cyber threat visibility and intelligence helps companies develop and deploy a calibrated set of controls, techniques, technologies and products that ensure that sensitive information will not leave the organization. Data Leak Monitoring includes protocols that prevent the unauthorized flow of information, while identifying and reporting entities that look to breach these protocols and harvest the company’s sensitive data.
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Latest Software Vulnerabilities
CYFIRMA’s AI/ML enabled intelligence capabilities monitor your IT assets and provide the latest vulnerability information related to them, daily. Also, information such as the summary of vulnerabilities, influence, affected software version, CVSS score, related CVE number, countermeasure proposal, etc., are shared. Clients are apprised of the vulnerabilities that attract the most attention and how the same can be plugged effectively.
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Recommended Actions
In case of cyber threat detections, or the probability thereof, CYFIRMA offers a comprehensive listing of strategic, tactical, and management based actionable intelligence and related measures for each reported threat.
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