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Cyber Education

As social media platforms grow in prominence, so does its affinity with cybercriminals. CYFIRMA’s Cyber Education helps organizations defend against state-of-the-art social engineering tactics employed by today’s hackers, by utilizing equally cutting-edge cyber intelligence techniques.
Highly interactive, scalable and laced with hands on exercises, these training sessions ensure that your company’s cybersecurity personnel are ready when malicious threats are directed at them through the social route.

Gain Intelligence Through CAP
Industry specific awareness and training program for organizations based on the correlation with CYFIRMA’s Cyber Intelligence Analytics (CAP) platform that helps identify the latest tools, techniques and resources employed by threat actors that are targeting a specific organization.
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Conduct Awareness Campaigns
Target audiences are subjected to awareness campaigns that highlight the benefits of exercising caution and hygiene when dealing with online resources. The expertly crafted training material not only advices on how to identify phishing emails but also cultivates awareness relating to APTs, USB, data, password, the internet, social profile security and other such aspects.
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Test and Validate
Post the training, the curriculum’s effectiveness is gauged with social engineering tests that simulates the latest attack methods employed by the threat actors and is applicable for a specific industry. This testing cycle ensures that the client is prepared to handle any eventuality that falls in the realms of social engineering.
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Reporting with recommendation
The final stage of the Cyber Education regimen involves the provision of recommendations to those who have qualified through the tests while negating the malicious social engineering tactics presented to them. Individuals who did not perform well are recommended for additional training.
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Cyber Threat Intelligence Report
Cyber Incident Analytics
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