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CYFIRMA offers Cyber threat visibility and intelligence suite and services aimed at keeping your organization’s cybersecurity posture up-to-date, resilient and ready against upcoming cyber-attacks. CYFIRMA’s Cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform (CAP) incorporates cyberthreat visibility with threat hunting, automation and orchestration capabilities to deliver real-time insights into emerging threats, attack motives and methods. CAP automatically aggregates, correlates and analyses cybersecurity information and events thousands of data sources daily, including the deep/dark web and obscure hacker forums.

Cloud Based Predictive Intelligence from CYFIRMA
CYFIRMA is an industry leader in providing relevant and prioritized cyberthreat insights; and defines how Cyber Threat Intelligence should be applied at THREE levels – Strategic, Management, and Tactical mapped to 3 lines of defence. The intelligence provided by our Cloud-based platform is customized and seamlessly integrated into your organization’s security policies, processes, procedures, and controls . CYFIRMA is your strategic partner providing detailed and relevant insights into a constantly changing global cybersecurity landscape.
Daily Cyber Threat Intelligence
At CYFIRMA, our cyber threat intelligence capabilities are unparalleled. Industry-ground-breaking automated and AI-enabled surveillance agents are listening into the deep/dark web, and other (locations) where hackers routinely plan, develop and deploy their attacks. This automated surveillance capability is what makes predictive cybersecurity a reality.
CYFIRMA collates threat information, and other evolving cyber threats across all forums and sources, to present organisations predictive, prioritized and actionable organisation and industry and specific threat intelligence. Our Daily Cyber Threat Intelligence helps organisations identity and analyse potential cybersecurity threats before it becomes potential cyber risk to organisation.

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Weekly Security Updates
Powered by our CAP platform providing up-to-the-minute situational awareness insights and cross-referenced with industry resources, our weekly updates highlight our in depth research on the latest cyberattacks, evolving technologies, high profile threat actor, cyber event analysis, regulatory updates, attack methodologies, motive analysis, industry and geography specific security best practices(at a strategic, management and tactical level). This weekly report is consolidated as part of the advisory update comprising of a deep dive analysis, detailed insights into the latest developments in the global threat landscape, as specifically applicable to your organization. Customized and served in an actionable, compact, and easily digestible format, these Weekly Security Updates (WSU) ensure that you are at the forefront of all developments across the cybersecurity domain, at an individual, enterprise, industry or country level.

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Cyber Incident Analytics
Using a sandbox technology, and a CAP’s threat correlation engine, we analyse the malicious behaviour of suspicious artefacts, files and emails and detail its potential threat severity and organization wide impact. Using our unique “Threat-Risk-Impact” approach, In coordination with the cyber intelligence analytics platform, CYFIRMA can reverse-engineer the hacking process to identify the threat actor, Indicators of Compromise (IoC), campaign details and their motives. We also report on similar instances of hacking attempts across the world and actual or potential financial impact to the industry or enterprise. Finally, a comprehensive report is generated, alongside recommended actions, and submitted to you within a few hours.
Recent research suggests that a third of all cyber incidents take weeks to be discovered and months to be remediated and addressed. Can your organization afford the time and distraction from your core business activities?

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Cyber Education
Primarily, a cyber intelligence driven Industry specific awareness training program for organizations, CYFIRMA’s Cyber Education introduces the latest methods, tools, and techniques employed by threat actors. Social engineering tests that simulate the latest attack methods by threat actors for your specific industry and geography serve as a goldmine of relevant insights to enhance your employees’ ability to better defend the organization. The program explores topics such as Phishing, APTs, USB, data, password, internet, social profile security and more.

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Monthly Vulnerability Assessment
Offers sophisticated vulnerability assessment of your website and applications using proprietary assessment engines and custom scripts. Next, the findings are analysed using the cyber intelligence analytics platform to identify available exploits for vulnerability, threat actors leveraging those exploits, the method being employed, and readily available malicious tools that could be primed for the threat activity.
Our Monthly Vulnerability Assessment reports serve as a benchmarking and tracking tool to monitor your organization’s cybersecurity posture on a month-on-month basis. Prioritized risk rating and recommended actions in these reports allow you to allocate your limited resources effectively.

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About CYFIRMA’s Cyber Threat Analytics Platform (CAP)
Cyber Threat Analytics Platform (CAP) powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning delivers real-time insights into emerging cyber threats, attack motives, and methods.
・Who – the hackers interested in you, their background, and activity history
・Who – the hackers interested in you, their background, and activity history
・What – the asset target (personal identifiable information / sensitive data including patents/ IP / credentials etc.)
・When – the hacker’s attack readiness
・How – the hacker’s attack methods (tools and technique)
Powered by a proprietary real-time threat correlation engine, analysing and comparing an organisation’s assets and against the threat landscape, CYFIRMA can identify actionable intelligence pointers (potential attack methods, correlated, predictive and customized information on threat actors, and malicious activities) targeted towards the organisation and its IT base. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), CAP operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, deep diving, collecting and analysing information from over thousands of data sources including open source forums, Surface/Deep/Dark web, Government Intelligence, P2P channels, social platforms and more.
We are able to identify the most dangerous threat actors relevant to your organization from the common heap by isolating with CAP’s customized, industry and geography specific threat correlation and attribution analysis engines.