CYFIRMA’s Cyber Threat and Risk Prediction for 2019
Nov 28, 2018

SINGAPORE, November 28, 2018 – CYFIRMA, releases its 2018 Cyber Threat Report Card and Cyber Risks Predictions for 2019.

Kumar Ritesh, CYFIRMA Chairman and CEO says “While 2018 was a year of financially motivated threat actors having a free run against individuals, organizations, institution and countries, we have noticed an increasing trend of state sponsors interested in arming threat actors to pursue defined geopolitical objectives. Cryptocurrency exchanges, healthcare companies, the energy sector, and traditional financial institutions were at the brunt of cyber attacks this year. What has been very interesting to witness is the shift in the hackers’ intention to use emerging technologies, increasing the difficulty in defending an attack surface which has had limited to no prior experience with these new tools and methods.”

CYFIRMA’s cyber analytics platform demonstrated its predictive capabilities by releasing 16 Early-Warning Threat Reports detailing imminent cyber threats to various technologies, across organizations industries and countries, out of which 11 to date are active threats in the wild.

As we enter 2019, cyber attacks and breaches will continue to increase in intensity and frequency. Based on our research, we believe we will see the following trends and shifts:

CYFIRMA will be launching a new version of its Cyber intelligence analytics platform (CAP v2.0) in April 2019, an industry first in comprehensive Cyber Threat Visibility and Intelligence. CAP v2.0 will enhance core security controls and processes with predictive, relevant and prioritized threat intelligence. The result is an optimized security posture that will be resilient against all current and future threats.

Kumar Ritesh reiterates that “the cybersecurity landscape of Japan and South East Asia is changing dramatically, due to the aggressive involvement of state-sponsored hackers and an expanding attack surface. Nations will also continue to acquire and build their cyber warfare capability to strengthen their national interests. Digital proliferation will continue to outpace the speed with which defense mechanisms are being invented and applied to protect emerging technologies. Organizations need to balance the need for new technologies to enable business efficiency, expansion, and flexibility while defending against the increasing complexity and variety of new attacks created by emerging technologies.”

  CYFIRMA defends against cyber attacks by supplying organizations with real-time threat intelligence that enables them to take a more proactive security approach. By aggregating, correlating and analyzing information from hundreds of thousands of sources on the open and dark web, CYFIRMA, helps companies anticipate what types of attacks are most likely to occur and provide the most effective response. CYFIRMA is a business division of Antuit, a global analytics firm.
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